Radmila Sazdanovic is a mathematician and a conceptual artist. She specializes in theoretical and applied topology, focused on developing tools for analyzing and comparing shapes. Her artwork is inspired by her research and explores the interplay of art, nature, culture, math, and science. Tess-celestial, Radmila's most recent exhibit and interactive web application, features tessellations created using the software Tess. This work is a part of her Immersive Scholar Residency at NC State University Hunt library, through the Immersive Scholar grant.  Large scale and interactive visualizations offer captivating new experiences of mathematics by introducing it in real-life and cultural contexts. The choice of delivering visualization from a web responsive framework extends its accessibility well beyond the physical space of Hunt Library.


Radmila has published 9 articles about the role of visualizations in mathematics and other sciences as well as bridging the gap between the teaching, learning, theory, and application of mathematics, and gave more than 25 talks at international conferences and local events.  Her art was exhibited nationally and internationally, including Brussels and Ghent, Belgium; Edinburgh, UK; San Sebastian, Spain; Philadelphia,PA; Paris, France 2010, Tampa, FL, Washington, DC; Dana School of Art, Wellesley, MA;  and Raleigh, NC. Her photography received a special recognition from the Upstream People Gallery in 2010.


Selected Works